Drinking Bubbly

For Thanksgiving Buddy was allowed to have some sparkling bubbly. Okay, it was non-alcoholic white grape juice. He is demonstrating to us the "correct" way to drink bubbly:

Notice the finger position... 
Now he shows us the "incorrect" way to hold your goblet.


During FHE tonight we were chit chatting about fear and how Buddy has no fear. We each started asking him questions.

Bud: are you afraid of spiders?
Buddy: yeah
Mom: are you afraid of smarties?
Buddy: yeah
Sib: are you afraid of Sascha?
Buddy: yeah
Bud: are you afraid of the Fresh Beat Band?
Buddy: yeah
Daddy: Apollo, are spiders scary?
Buddy: I like bugs.

***Moral of the story: Buddy doesn't know the meaning of afraid, but he most certainly likes bugs!

Tucking In

Every night before I go to bed I always check on the kids to make sure they're okay. Last night around midnight I went in and reached down to pull the covers up over Buddy who was fast asleep. Right as my hands left the blankets he turned his head toward me, looked into my eyes and said, "I like to play Boggle!"
He kills me! I tried not to laugh too hard and quickly told him goodnight. I went back into the living room where Steve asked me what he was saying since he could hear his voice. After I told him what happened, he too could not stop laughing.


What one might call a "tape measure," is actually a "yuler." Check it out for yourself and turn up your volume:

Bud's Being A Mean!

Instead of saying, Bud's being mean, he says:
"Mom, Bud's being a mean!"

Baking Soda

 What do you think he calls soda pop? The picture above answers that question for you.
"Mommy, can I please have some baking soda?"

When Mommy's Not Looking, Why Not?

Birth of "Mommy, Don't Eat Me!"

With my little guy being a big part of my daily life since we're at home together all day long, and the fact that he's such a busy boy, I thought it'd be wise to dedicate a blog to him. Something where I can record all the funny things he says, crazy things he does and post funny and cute pictures of him.

Here's to you, Buddy!