Goodbye Soft Blankie

In realizing that this cute little guy will probably be my last, milestones like these are bittersweet for me.

As you may or may not know, he never took to a pacifier like my two oldest did. Instead, this is what he finagled:

A few weeks ago before bedtime he was disheartened because we couldn't find his "soft blankie." I looked high and low, to and fro, but nothing. He ALWAYS has his little blankie for bedtime just so he can hold onto an edge of it while sucking his fingers. That night he went to bed soft blankieless. He actually didn't complain for too long, being the easier going little guy that he is. I did feel a little sad for him though. I used to have my favorite little blankie that I sucked my thumb with. In fact, probably up until kindergarten. Then my Papa started coating my thumb with nasty tasting stuff and I didn't feel that it was worth it anymore.

A few days later Steve noticed the soft blankie tucked behind our mattress and the wall. It would have been fun watching the sheer joy on m' little guy's face, being reunited with a long lost friend. BUT that wasn't going to happen. Because with his blankie gone, his finger sucking habit magically disappeared too! Such a sad and happy time for me. I will miss seeing him snuggle with his blankie, sucking on his cute little fingers. But I am also relieved that I don't have to deal with breaking the sucking on fingers habit!

Goodbye Soft Blankie...

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Banana Mystery

Last week something mysterious happened.
With his breakfast Apollo ate a banana.
I noticed there was one left.
Soon after, I did my run and went to the kitchen to fetch the last banana.
When I went to retrieve it, it was gone!
I called out to Apollo who was hiding behind the couch.
When I asked if he ate the banana his reply was,
"the banana flew down my mouth!"

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