Thousands of Dollars!!!

Tonight I asked Bud to quickly grab my wallet so I could put a hold on a movie before anyone else did since it was the only copy available in this area and I've been dying to see it. After he handed it to me I quickly opened it up to find my debit card. Meanwhile Buddy magically appeared out of knowhere, glued himself to my side and asked, "Mommy, can I have a thousand dollars?" I don't know where he gets this stuff. It's not like we're talking all the time about the thousands of dollars that we don't have. Tax refund season IS coming up so maybe he overheard us talking about that. hmmmm.... 

Space Ship

Recently I returned from my amazing cruise from San Diego to Ensanada, Mexico. Since I returned at midnight I didn't get a chance to say goodnight to the kids. So the following morning I was greeted by Buddy who had hopped in my bed and was cuddling with me.
Here's our first conversation:
"Mom, did you go to Sandy Diego?"
me, "yes"
"Mom, did you go to Mexico?"
me, "yes"
"Mom, did you go on a space ship?"
me, LAUGHING!!!!!!

Are You Not Being Debbie?

Yesterday after I hopped out of the shower, and still with a towel on my head, Buddy approached me and asked, "are you not being Debbie?"
Debbie is my wonderful sis. And the funny thing about this is that he only started saying this within the last few weeks. The last time he was around Debbie was back in June while we were in Utah. You would think the little guy would have said it a lot sooner after just being there.