What Is This Called...

Telese Car:

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Clever Bell

One of Apollo's most favorite things in the whole wide world right now is his Thomas the Tank Engine trains.
He can name just about every single one, and believe me, there are oodles of them!
Two in particular are named Annie and Clarabel.
He loves those ones.
He calls them: Annie and Clever Bell.

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'Pollos Pillow

Look at the nice, soft pillow Apollo is lying on.

 Oh my! That's the softest looking pillow ever!
 And it's warm and has ears!
 Duffy's such a good sport and puts up with Apollo's antics.

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Handy Dandy Goggles

The other day Apollo kept asking if he could take a bath. It wasn't until he hopped in that I realized why he had been begging for a bath.

He wanted to use his handy dandy GOGGLES!

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